Webster's Falls and Tews Falls From the Base

If you're visiting Hamilton and want a bit of a challenge, you can try this hike. You might have read my other post about viewing Webster's Falls and Tews Falls from the top. So here's how to hike to the base of both of those falls. 

Let's get started

You will need park by Fisher's Mill Park at the intersection of Bond St. S and King St. W. From here, you'll have to walk uphill on King St. W. towards the curve. Stay on the right side of the road and you'll see a bridge. The trail starts right before the bridge. 

Where you will start the hike.

The trail will be on the right side of the road.

Head up the trail and you'll eventually hit railway tracks. Cross the tracks to the other side of the trail and continue walking to the right. You'll see cliffs in the distance and you'll go left towards the trail at the yellow sign. 

Continue on the trail for about 20 minutes and you'll hit a fork in the road. If you go downhill towards the stream, you'll reach Tews Falls. If you keep left, you'll reach Webster's Falls. 

The trail  left leads to Websters Falls; to the right is Tews Falls.

Tews Falls

Take the trail to the right and head downhill towards the stream. Once you reach the stream, you'll need to cross it. Instead of getting our boots wet, we took it off to cross it. When you cross it, you should see the trail starting again. Continue on the trail and you'll reach Lower Tews Falls. Head up the right side of it and keep following the trail to see Tews Falls. It takes about 30 minutes from the fork to here. 

Lower Tews Falls

Head back uphill to the trail

Upper Tews Falls

Webster's Falls

At the fork, keep left and continue on the trail. Keep hiking on the trail for about 30 minutes and you'll reach the base of Webster's Falls. Please note that Conservation Hamilton has removed the stairs leading down to the Gorge. So if you take the Bruce Trail this way, don't go climb up embankments or walk under the falls since it will cause environmental degradation. Just admire from afar! 


  • Parking is free on Bond St. S. and King St. W (beside Fisher's Mill Park).
  • It takes about 3 hours to do both hikes, round-trip. If you do it separately, it would take about 2 hours total for each hike.
  • Gauge the trails depending on your comfort zones. You'll see several different paths leading to the same destination. 
  • The trails are rocky, so remember to wear a sturdy pair of shoes. 
  • Please don't litter or vandalize! 
  • As always, be safe!

Happy Adventuring!