Hoi An

Train Ride from Da Nang to Nha Trang

With the train station being so close to where we stayed, it's made the most sense to take a train to Nha Trang. It's also the safer, but more expensive option compared to a bus. 

Where to buy a ticket

We heard it's actually cheaper to buy the ticket from the station compared to online. The online prices are inflated. So, head to the station, take a number and wait your turn. There's four options for the ticket: hard seat, soft seat, hard berth, soft berth. The prices will range depending on the comfort of the seat. To save money, we opted for a soft seat at 320,000 dong per person. Remember to bring your passport when you purchase your ticket! 

Window on the left to purchase tickets.

Take a number and join the queue!

Getting on the Train

When your train comes, they'll call out the track number for it. If you don't speak Vietnamese, ask the attendants to see if your train is there. Your ticket will show the cabin and seat number. So, just find the correct cabin number to board. 

Your train should come around 15 minutes before it departs, so head there early! The station has Wi-fi to keep you entertained as you wait. 

The Train Ride

The train ride isn't too bad, but it takes around 10 hours to get to Nha Trang with a few stops along the way. Our cabin wasn't full, so many people ended up switching seats. There's a railing above you to put your luggage. 

The train will sell snacks, drinks and food, but it does come at an inflated price. You can also purchase snacks at the station before you board. 

Otherwise, it wasn't too bad, but we're getting pretty used to the long commutes now. 

Our soft seat cabin.

Happy Travelling

Travel Guide and Tips: Hoi An

Located in Central Vietnam, Hoi An is just 40 minutes south of Da Nang. It's a small town, filled with lot of personality. The moment you step into the Old Town, you'll be surrounded by small stores selling trinkets, tailor shops that sell leather and silk goods as well as a small river coursing through the town. The lanterns strung along the streets make it such a lovely place to walk around at night. 

Things to do

Shop til you drop

Honestly, there's so many shops to wander through it's a little overwhelming. Many of them are souvenir shops selling elephant pants and silk scarves, but there are also many tailor shops ready to design you a new suit or dress. Window shop a bit and make sure you're getting the best price and quality before you purchase. 

Visit the Old Town

If you want to see the Old Town, you'll need to pay 120,000 dong for a ticket that's valid for 10 days. But it's worth every dong. It gives you access to the museums, old houses, assembly halls and handicraft workshops. It's a beautiful place with a Japanese style bridge, a small river, old rustic buildings and endless shops. 

Boat ride along Thu Bon river

For all you romantics or just lonely people who want to experience this, it's best to see it at sunset. There are several tour companies that offer this experience. Head to the dock and negotiate wisely! 

How to get here

We got here from Da Nang by taking the local bus. It takes about an hour since there's a few stops along the way. It costs around 20,000 - 30,000 dong for a ticket. 

As a foreigner, make sure to ask for the price before you give them money. They're pretty sneaky and neglect to give you change unless you ask for it. 

Where to Eat

We never actually ate here. But there are many restaurants that line the street. Try Mi Quang if you can! 

Where to Stay

There are tons of guesthouses here that should be fairly affordable. We didn't stay the night because we realized we would spend too much shopping if we actually spent more than a day here. If you get something tailored, you should plan to spend a few days here to get the fit right. 

Happy Travels!