Snow Lake in Mount Rainer National Park

Continuing our Washington road trip, we went from Olympic National Park to our next destination: Mount Rainier National Park

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't on our side during this trip. It was a gloomy day and the clouds were quite low. When we made it to Tacoma, we weren't able to see Mount Rainier at all. What a bummer! 

So, we ended up decided on Snow Lake. The cloudy day gives the greenish blue lake an eerie feel.

Let's get started

Head to the Visitor Centre for more information about the park. The drive over was one of my favourite drives so far. Driving on the bridge through the mountain range is such an incredible experience. 

When you get there, head towards the trail. As a moderate hike, it'a not too steep, but it is rocky. You'll gradually head uphill, and then you'll need to head downhill to actually reach the lake.


  • It takes about 2.5-3.5 hours round-trip. 
  • It's a $5 USD parking fee. You'll have to fill out the envelope!
  • Make sure to wear a pair of sturdy hiking shoes. 

Happy Adventuring!

Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park

During our impromptu trip to Vancouver, we rented a car and headed down to Washington to visit Olympic National Park. After getting lost and then confused with switching to measuring distance in miles, we made it a little too late for any full day hikes. 

If you're looking for an easy hike, Hurricane Ridge is a great place to start to get amazing views of the mountains. 

Let's get started

Before you start, head to Olympic National Park Visitor Centre to grab a map, information of the different hikes or if you need a permit for a backpacking trip.

From here, head towards Hurricane Ridge. The drive over is fantastic. You'll be driving along the mountainside, so you'll come across various mountain ranges. There are spots along the way to park so you can take pictures. 

Since it's a popular hike, you'll know you're there if you see an influx of people and cars. 

Head up towards the trail and hike to the top of the ridge for some amazing views. 


  • Easy hike, 1-2 hours. It's a great hike for the family. 
  • Camping is on a first come first serve basis. Only Kalaloch Campground offers reservations. So keep this in mind when you go. Check here for more information about their campgrounds. 
  • The entrance fee is USD $7/per person. It's good for seven days, so fairly inexpensive if you're staying there for a few days. 

Happy Adventuring!