A World of Microadventures

When I was younger, I always thought adventures had to be grand. From sky diving in New Zealand to climbing Mount Everest to exploring the Great Reef Barrier, these activities were the coolest things anyone could do.

My perspective changed when I stumbled across an article by Alastair Humphreys that focused on the concept of microadventures. Microadventures are simple, short and cheap trips that take place around the home. They’re meant to “scratch the itch for adventurous souls trapped by the bludgeoning of chance in sensible office jobs.”

Rattlesnake Point, Ontario

Since then, I’ve built my philosophy around it. I realized that you can still go on adventures even if you're on a budget. All you need is a little curiosity and imagination. It might take a couple of hours, an entire day or even a few days. It could mean going on a walk, hike or bike ride to somewhere you've never been. Perhaps you want to try a new activity like rock climbing, tandem biking or salsa dancing. It might even be a weekend camping trip under a blanket of stars with fireflies zooming around you. 

Ultimately, it's something you can do to challenge yourself when you feel like you’re falling into a routine lifestyle. Sometimes it's refreshing to push your boundaries and experience something new and exciting. 

So go outside, there’s a world waiting to be explored.