Savoury Indulgences and Incredible Escapades


I have a love-hate relationship with food. It tastes so delicious but why must these delectable dishes have so many calories? Ever since I attended my first food festival in 2010, I’ve been obsessed with trying new foods. Toronto is filled with food festivals all summer. Fried, high calorie foods that taste like heaven.

You know what I’m saying?

To counteract my love of food, I’ve adopted an adventurous lifestyle. Unfortunately, travelling to different countries tends to make a big dent in my wallet, so I can only afford to leave once in a while. To satisfy my cravings for adventure, I find ways to explore in low-cost ways nearby. I often take day trips to go on a hike, explore a different part of the city or try a new activity.

So here lies the framework for this blog. It combines my two passions of food and travel by documenting my adventures in the GTA and more. From restaurant reviews to recipes and stories to advice, I plan to share my escapades with the world. 

Gelato and crepe in Nice, France.