Getting Massages from Former Inmates in Chiang Mai

Lila Thai Massage was created to support the lives of newly released inmates and offer them a chance to integrate back into the community. Just to be clear, these women are fully trained professional massage therapists as they've taken a 180 hour massage training course. 

I found the prices here to be fairly low compared to the other places in Chiang Mai. Plus, it's helping out a good cause. We went to their Prapokklao location, but you can check their website for others. 

They offer a variety of different massages, body and facial treatments. You can also get manicures and pedicures.

Our Experiences

When entering the massage centre, you'll be required to remove your shoes at the front door. Depending how busy it is, you should be able to choose and get your massage right away. Just note that I've heard that it can get really busy, so try to go at off-peak times or make a reservation. 

Once your masseuse is ready, she'll take you to the back to get your feet washed. You'll then be given dainty little slippers to walk in. They'll also offer you tea. 


Cee went for the Thai Body Massage (200 baht). She was given a change of clothes and then taken to a room with several beds. A Thai Body Massage isn't what you would consider relaxing. It involves stretching and being placed in yoga positions. 

The whole body is worked from the feet to the head, including a scalp massage. It can be painful at times, but you feel very refreshed afterwards. Overall, it's a good massage and experience.

Massage bed for the oil body massage

Massage bed for the oil body massage


On the other hand, I opted for the oil body massage (450 baht). Before going into a private room and changing out of my clothes, I had the chance to choose my oil. They had several choices and descriptions on how it would affect you. I went for Jasmine. 

My massage started with my legs before she worked her way to my back, arms and neck. It was pretty relaxing until she tried to get rid of the knots in my back. Overall, I really enjoyed it! 

Also, remember to tip your masseuse (50-100 baht)!  

Happy Relaxing!