Day 1: Nightmare at the Airport

Let's set the tone: We were on our way to our three-month backpacking trip in Southeast Asia. Our flight path was Toronto - Newark - Toyko - Bangkok. 

Everything was going smoothly when we left home: we had our bags all packed, breakfast bagels prepped and snacks for the flight.

After getting to Toronto Pearson International Airport and checking in with United Airlines to grab our tickets, we headed to U.S. customs with all of our baggage. This seemed unusual, since our bags are usually checked in at the beginning. While at customs, we ended up being separated into different lines. 

Cee's line ended up being on schedule. She was pushed onto her flight or she'd lose her money. On the other hand, my line was excruciatingly long because there was only one person working. 

Long story short: I missed my flight by a few minutes.

Now we know to always arrive extra early if you're heading to the U.S.! 

While Cee was heading to Bangkok, I was stuck in Toronto trying rebook my flight. Thank goodness there was no charge because it wasn't my fault that I missed the flight. 

In the end, everything worked out and we ended up flying solo to Bangkok. 

Cheers to an interesting start!

A happy start! It just went downhill after this picture.