DIY: Getting to Pongour Falls in Da Lat

Pongour Falls is a cascade waterfall that reminded us of Albion Falls in Canada. It's about 50 kilometres from Da Lat, so it's more secluded than the other waterfalls in the area. 

How to get there

We took the orange Bao Loc bus which costs 20,000 dong each. At the side of the bus, there's a price range based on how far you go. For example, it costs 20,000 dong for 20 kilometres, but 25,000 dong for 40 kilometres. 

It takes about an hour and a half to get there. Make sure you tell them to drop you off at the intersection for Pongour Falls. From here, just follow the signs. It's another six kilometres before you reach the entrance. 

Now you have two choices: you can walk the hour and a half along a paved road with cars honking at you, or hire a motorbike taxi (xe om). There's a few stores at the intersection that can help with calling one for you. If not, you can start the walk and there will be some that pass you.

The restaurant displaying an ad for Xe Om (motorbike taxi).

Follow the sign to the waterfall.

Time to walk! 

We attempted the walk, but along the way, we got chased by angry stray dogs. Thankfully, about halfway through, a local man asked us if we needed a ride, to which we obliged. On the way back, we ended up taking a motorbike taxi to the intersection for 60,000 dong total. 

Pongour Falls

Once you get to the entrance, there's a fee of 10,000 dong each. Head down the path to the left and you'll end up at a restaurant. Keep left down the path and you'll pass by more restaurants before you reach Pongour Falls. 

Keep left.

Just note that there's a sign that says "No Climbing" in Vietnamese. But, do so at your own discretion. 

There's rocks at the bottom you can climb, so you can get a better view of the falls. We went in dry season, so the water flow wasn't too heavy. But, it was beautiful nonetheless. 

Happy Adventuring!