Travel Guide and Tips: Phnom Penh

As the capitol city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh is a bustling city.  

Things to do

The Killing Fields and S-21 Prison

If you want learn more about the dark history of Cambodia, you should visit both of these places. About 30 years ago, the Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia and carried out a genocide. The Killing Fields and S-21 Prison was where thousands of people were tortured and killed. There's an entrance fee of $6 USD for each attraction, including an audio tour. You'll need to take a tuk tuk to get there. 

Royal Palace 

As the residence where King Sihamoni lives, the Royal Palace is a big attraction in Phnom Penh. Spend the day walking around the Silver Pagoda or the compound with the Chan Chhaya Pavilion. The King's living area is closed off. There's an entrance fee is $6.50 USD. Remember to dress respectively (knees and shoulders covered). 

Shooting Range

Ever wanted to shoot a gun? What about a bazooka? The shooting range here offers a ton of different options if you're into firearms. They also offer the option of shooting a live chicken or cow, but I really don't condone it. 

Central Market & Night Market

Head here if you want to shop. The central market is opened during the day with options for clothing, souvenirs or produce. The Night Market opens around 5-6 p.m. Make sure to bargain for the best prices! 

Where to Eat

Along the river

Along the river are tons of restaurants you can try out. Check out the menus at the front of each restaurant to find out the price range and type of dish. Just note that eating here is pricier. If you want a decent meal, it's roughly $5 USD. 

If you're craving pizza, we noticed many restaurants here offered it. If you're itching to try Cambodian food, we loved Lok Lak! Amok is another Cambodian favourite.  

Try a local Stand

Eating locally is much cheaper, but it's harder to find a place with an english menu. There are also a few vendors at the night market. 

Where to Stay

Me Mates Villa

We stayed at this hostel, which is located near the Royal Palace. They offer female and mixed dorms for $6 USD with pretty big beds. They have a bar, restaurant and pool table in the hostel. We found it strange that they give you a towel, but not soap. It's not bad for the price. 

One Stop Hostel

We had a friend stay at One Stop Hostel, which offers dorms for $7 USD. They offer free coffee and tea. It's located right by the river, near the speedboat dock. So, it's really convenient to stay here if you're going by speedboat. 

Happy Travelling!