Rattray Marsh Conservation Area in Mississauga

For all you nature lovers who are looking for a quick escape from the busy city life, Rattray Marsh Conservation Area is a great spot for a short hike. Located in Mississauga, the lakefront wetland offers a unique experience to see various birds, small critters, numerous trees species and plants. This is a pretty neat place to visit since it’s the last remaining lakefront marsh between Toronto and Burlington. 

There are several trails and boardwalks added as part of Rattray Marsh’s design to preserve and keep the natural area undisturbed. Within the Conservation Area, there are three trails: Knoll Trail (0.3 km), Secondary Trail (1.8 km) and Pedestrian Trail (1.1 km). The trails are pretty easy, so it shouldn't take too long to finish. 

One of the trails will take you by the Lake Ontario’s shoreline where you can catch a view of Toronto out in the distance. If you continue down the shoreline, you can see the marsh up close, which is pretty neat. Go and see what wildlife you can spot! 


  • Location: There are two points of access - You can either park and walk in at 1180 Lakeshore Road West or walk in from 50 Bexhill Road. 
  • Hours of Operation: Opens after sunrise and closes before sunset daily.
  • Admission Fee: There’s a donation box at the main kiosk of Bexhill entrance.
  • Dogs Allowed: If you bring a canine companion, make sure they are leashed.
  • Not Permitted: Please note that there’s no cycling here or fishing permitted here.

Happy Adventuring!