Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan

From experiencing the wide-open plains to spending a night beneath a canopy of stars, Grasslands National Park protects one of the nation's few remaining areas of undisturbed dry mixed-grass/shortgrass prairie grassland. 

Let's Get Started! 

Located in southern Saskatchewan near the Saskatchewan-Montana border, Grasslands National Park has two separate blocks: East and West Block. The East Block can be accessed near the town of Wood Mountain on Hwy #18 and centres on the Frenchman River Valley. The West Block can be accessed near the village of Val Marie on Hwy #4 and #18 and features the Wood Mountain Uplands. You can check here for better directions. 


  • No entry fee if you're only going during the day. 
  • The park offers astronomy, birding, camping, driving tours, hiking, horseback riding, geocaching, wildlife hunting and many more activities
  • Look out for bison and prairie dogs! 

Let's be real

It was pouring, we got lost driving in our tiny rental car and don't remember how we got there. But hey, we got some nice shots. We actually went back the next day with a friend and saw bison! 

Happy Adventuring!