Cute Cafes on Highway 1095 in Pai

If you're riding along Highway 1095 in Pai, you'll notice a bunch of cafes along the way. There were a few that caught our attention as we made our way to Pai Canyon

Coffee in Love

Stop here for a quick break to check out the view. The coffee shop is a yellow house with white picket fence. There is a pathway leading down to the countryside. 

The Container in Pai

This colourful cafe has unique hanging eggshell chairs. Stop here for an iced coffee and relax a bit before you head back out. 

Love Strawberry Pai

This strawberry farm sells a variety of strawberry products from dried strawberries to strawberry pop. There are large strawberries around the sign, which is great for photos (as you can tell from ours). There's also a giant swing and zip-line here. 

Fun fact: Thailand used to farm opium poppies, but the government eliminated its cultivation and imported non-narcotics crops to farm. Strawberries were one of the crops.