Exploring the Land Split in Pai

The Land Split is a unique spot, not because of the split itself, but for the hospitality you'll receive from the owners. The tourist attraction was created in 2008 and 2011, when the land split 11 metres deep, making it unsustainable for farming. It's just a short walk up the stairs to see it. 

I didn't find the Land Split to be that fascinating, however, owner's kindness to you is amazing. The moment you step onto the farm, he and his wife welcome you by offering you fruits, peanuts, banana chips, sweet potatoes, tamarind, roselle juice, wine and jam. They don't charge you for anything, but there's a donation box where you can offer a little something. 

How to get here:

It's not too difficult to get here. Head south down Highway 1095 from Pai. Look out for this the "Land Split" sign and turn right. From here, it's another 2km to the Land Split. 

Look out for this sign on highway 1095. It's on a hill! 

This is the front of the farm. Park your bike and head inside! 

Happy Eating!