Chedoke Falls and Denlow Falls in Hamilton

Interested in an adventure? You can hike to Chedoke Falls to see some amazing waterfalls. The backcountry hike has no actual trail which makes it an interesting challenge. Although, there's a good chance your shoes will get wet. 

Let's get started!

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, the trail starts at the Chedoke Civic Golf Club. From the parking lot, take the Chedoke Radical Trail (Bruce Trail) up to the ravine. Take a right at the 'push up' signs and continue hiking the trail for a few minutes. When you see the river, climb down to the bottom and start hiking up the river bed. 

From here, it's pretty much a 'choose your own adventure.' There's no marked trail, so you need to hike however you feel is safe. It's very rocky, challenging and dangerous, so be very careful. We kept crossing the river back and forth depending on which side had more land to hike on. This is how you get wet.

Along the way, you'll see the Lower Chedoke Falls. Climb to the top of the falls (on the right) and keep following the river upstream. You'll end up reaching Denlow Falls and finally Chedoke Falls. Take a walk behind the falls, it's quite the experience! 


  • It took us around 2-2.5 hours to hike, which included us getting lost and stopping for pictures. 
  • There's no parking fee. 
  • You'll probably get wet unless you're good at crossing rivers.
  • Some parts can get pretty steep. You'll need to use the tree roots to climb some parts.

Happy Adventuring!