From Rattlesnake Point to Crawford Lake

Located in Milton, Ontario, Canada, Rattlesnake Point is an eco-tourism area owned by Halton Conservation. The top of the limestone cliffs offers a beautiful view overlooking Lowville Valley. The area offers excellent hiking trails, rock-climbing sites and camping sites. 

What we did:

We hiked from Rattlesnake Point to Crawford Lake. The beginning of the trail offers spectacular views from the cliff of the local countryside.The trail is about 15 kilometres and took us 4-5 hours roundtrip with a few breaks in-between for pictures and lunch. Follow the orange markers of the Nassagaweya Trail to get there. This isn't a loop trail, so you'll need to backtrack to return to Rattlesnake Point. Along the way, there are several different lookouts to check out like the Pinnacle Lookout, Nelson Lookout and Nassagaweya Canyon Lookout. With the rolling hills, steep ascents and rocks everywhere, this as an intermediate hike. Be careful because there are rocks everywhere. I managed to trip and fall on a hill of them.  

When you finally reach the rare meromictic lake (layers do not intermix), you can take the 750 metre boardwalk around the lake. It's quite the beautiful site. Remember to pack a picnic lunch so you can enjoy the view! 


Shorter Trails:

 For those who aren't looking for a long hike, follow the red markers for the Vista Adventure Trail (1.5 km) or the yellow markers for the Buffalo Craig Trail (3 km). Along these trails, there will be lookouts and geological features such as the sheer cliffs, crevice caves and glacial deposits. 


  • There are parking fees at Rattlesnake Point. It's $6.25 for adults, $5.00 for children and $5.25 for seniors.
  • For more information, I found this website pretty useful.
  • Check out the hiking trail if you're interested on taking on this adventure.

Photos taken by Chechi and Alberto! 


Happy Adventuring!