Sydenham Falls

Upper, Middle and Lower Sydenham Falls in Hamilton

Up for short hike? You can see Upper, Middle and Lower Sydenham Falls in 30 minutes!

Let's Get Started

Park at Cascades Park and head up the gravel path. From the bridge, you can see Lower Sydenham Falls here. Don't fully cross the bridge, and head back to the left side of the stream. Head up the trail from here. 

Follow the trail

Check out the bridge before continuing the trail to the left

Lower Sydenham Falls

Lower Sydenham Falls

Keep left at the fork 

About half up, you'll see a small path on your right side that leads downhill. If you choose to, you can take this path down to Middle Sydenham Falls. 

Middle Sydenham Falls

Go back up to continue on the trail. You'll see a small set of stairs. At the top, take a right and continue on the trail. The trail will take you by the stream. Keep following it and you'll reach Upper Sydenham Falls

Upper Sydenham Falls from the base


  • You can park on Livingstone Drive beside Cascades Park for free.
  • This hike takes only 30 minutes round-trip. 
  • Take a stroll across the bridge to the other side, the graffiti is actually kind of cool.

Happy Adventuring!